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The Images Array below controls the photos that show on your Slide-Show page. Ideally, your image should have a height of 500 pixels. Read these detailed instructions on preparing images for the slide-show.
  1. Right-click a photo to get image-properties & pause the slide-show.
  2. To add a new photo you will first prepare & upload the large image per the instructions above.
  3. Then enter a new blank line at the position you would like your new photo to appear.
  4. With your cursor at the beginning of the new line, click the "Add New Data Structure" button. A blank data structure is auto-inserted.
  5. Fill out the photo information. From left to right it is: (1) Photo Filename, within double quotes. (2) Photo width in pixels. (3) Photo height in pixels. (4) Description, if none, leave blank (empty double quotes).
  6. On rare occasions, you may need to use double quotes w/i the Description (4th field). If so, you must first \"escape the text\" you are quoting. Here's how: (1) Highlight the text you would like quoted. (2) Click Escape.